Signal mans Hut with levers and glazing Woody Bay - OO9/OO/HO

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A Ground based Signal Mans hut inspired by the Woody bay hut.
This building takes its inspiration from a similar hut at Woody bay. The footprint of this model is 24mm x 24mm x 37mm. This unique structure captures the essence of the ground based signalman's huts that have adorned railway networks of yesteryear to rest and shelter in whilst controlling the points nearby.

This kit comes with a separate roof, glazing, lever frame and shelf of signaling items that can be placed inside. When painted, this is a nice addition to any layout. It can be painted with normal car primer and acrylic paints.

The model is shipped from stock and is ready to paint. This listing is for two resin printed pieces and glazing. The pictures showing it painted are for examples only and are not included.

Finishing: All items are cleaned and cured by hand. They are unassembled (if needed). Ready for you to prime and paint. We do our very best to remove support marks, but some fine sanding may be required. All pieces and parts come unprimed and unpainted with all supports removed. Remember, the delicacy of resin calls for gentle handling.

Though we can't be responsible for accidents after delivery, we're here to assist if any mishaps occur during transit. Just provide us with images, and we'll explore ways to lend a helping hand. Embrace the charm of railway history with our Ground Frame Hut a tribute to the enchanting architecture that shaped the past and now enriches your model railway universe.