OO9/009 WG Bagnall Fireless Locomotive fits the Kato chassis 11-109

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Introducing our rendition of the WG Bagnall Fireless locomotive, a unique piece of railway history now available as a DIY kit! This locomotive, characterized by its steam accumulator instead of a traditional boiler, was ingeniously designed to be charged with steam from a stationary boiler, allowing for up to 8 hours of operation. Highly acclaimed for its safety features, it was commonly employed in industrial settings like factories and chemical plants, where fire hazards were a concern.

W.G. Bagnall Ltd., established in 1870, crafted their first locomotive in 1875 and went on to produce machinery for collieries and plantations worldwide. Our kit pays homage to this legacy, with 14 fireless locomotives produced by Bagnall between 1925 and 1935.

This unpainted kit includes the locomotive body, a snap-on chassis designed to seamlessly fit a Kato motor, an interior boiler piece, and a meticulously scanned driver and mate. Please note that the painted images are for illustrative purposes only, and the motor bogie and wagon are not included.

Designed for easy assembly, the kit chassis effortlessly clips onto a Kato 11-109 motor bogie chassis, which can be removed if desired for reuse. The body conveniently drops onto the chassis, allowing for painting prior to assembly. We've included an interior piece that can be painted separately to depict the locomotive's interior, complete with handrails and knobs. Though assembly may require some attention, our kit is beginner-friendly and can be painted using standard car primer or Tamiya primer as a base coat, finished with acrylic paints.

Produced in the UK using high-detail resin, our kit comprises the chassis, body, driver, and cab interior, all ready for your personal touch. Please note that the Kato chassis shown in the images is for informational purposes only you'll need to provide one separately.

Before shipping, all items are meticulously cleaned and cured by hand. While we endeavor to remove support marks, some fine sanding may be necessary. Please handle resin parts with care, as they can be delicate, and avoid dropping them. While we cannot be held responsible for breakages post-delivery, we're committed to assisting you if any issues arise during transit. Simply provide images of any damage, and we'll do our best to help resolve the matter.

For a piece of railway history and a rewarding modeling project, look no further than our WG Bagnall Fireless locomotive kit!