OO9/009 100 HP Sentinel Steam (Fry) Locomotive fits the Kato chassis 11-109

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The Fry 100HP Sentinel locomotive were built around 1928. These  remarkable locomotives served faithfully from its inception in 1928 until approximately 1958 and longer in other countries. The vertical engine is concealed under a distinctive cylindrical cover at the front of the locomotive.

Notable for its large water tank, extending nearly the entire width of the locomotive these Sentinels were renowned for their running time and some were capable of operating for an impressive 15+ hourse without requiring a refill. The central location of the water tank also ensured consistent weight distribution between the two sets of wheels. The vertical steam boiler in the cab and the engine in the front powered the front axle which was connected by a chain to the rear axle, alleviating the conventional coupling rods. 

The kit chassis is designed in such a way to clip easily onto a Kato 11-109 motor  bogie chassis. The Kato chassis  can be carefully removed if you want to use it again on something else. 

The body is also a simple drop fit onto the chassis to which allows for painting prior to assembly. You can either leave the body loose, or use a small amount of white PVA glue to hold it in place. 
The kit comes with a detailed boiler and 3d scanned driver and mate. 

Brass rodding is supplied for the control bars on both sides, the water tank handle and importantly the cab roof supports. Insert these and glue in place with superglue as one of the first jobs as it helps with the rigidity of the cab. 

In addition two lamps are provided that can be fitted as well as precision last cut porthole windows. These should be preferably glued in with glue and glaze so as not to leave any marks. 

This is a great easy to build kit, but still very highly detailed easily painted. We recommend either standard car primer or Tamiya primer as a base coat and finished with acrylic paints

The parts are supplied grey but may vary slightly in tone to the pictures, the lamps are however white. It comes with all the necessary brass rod. Please note that this is an unpainted kit, the pictures shown painted and with transfers are for information purposes only. The kit also doesn't come with the Kato 109 motor bogie, that you need to supply. 

Your kit will contain:
1x Body
1x Chassis that clips onto a Kato 109
1x Interior Boiler piece
2x Lamps
2x 3d Scanned figures
2x Portholes
1x Brass rod for Cab supports
1x Brass rod for side control rods and tank handle
2x couplings

We print our own models here in the UK using high detail resin. The sale is for the kit chassis, body, driver , cab interior, it is unpainted. The pictures showing the Kato chassis are for information purposes only, you will need supply one. See our shop for suitable motor chassis.

Finishing: All items are cleaned and cured by hand. They are unassembled and ready for you to prime and paint. We do our very best to remove support marks but some fine sanding may be required. All pieces and parts come unprimed and unpainted with all supports removed. Please do bear in mind that resin can be quite delicate so try to avoid dropping your parts! Sadly, we can't be held responsible for breakages once your item has arrived. However, if the piece is broken in the post, please provide images and we will of course see what we can do to help.