A Handy Holder for the Gaugemaster GMC-W Controller - easy to use and fit


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This is a neat little caddy holder for the Gaugemaster GMC-W walkabout controller. Its a controller we love to use on various shelf and diorama layouts but with the caddy it means that there is somewhere neat to hold it. (we re-use it on several setups). The cutout ensures that all the legends of the controller, buttons and switches are unobstructed and there is a cut out too for the cable that comes out of the bottom of the controller. The kit can be painted as well if you like. 

The kit is precision laser cut and can be simply glued together with a little wood glue. Also supplied is a green felt backing to provide a snug soft fit for the controller.

Two holes are available so that it can be screwed to wherever you like.

(the controller in the pic is not included of course)